Full Moon Spread

For my first blog post, I thought I’d go ahead and get right to the good stuff. I’m going to share a reading.

I want to warn you, this reading gets hella personal. I started this blog with the intent to get real and I’m going to dive right in. I hope you’re willing to join me.

Now, this was a reading I did for myself, using what Biddy Tarot suggested here. I tweaked her spread and loosely followed her ritual. I don’t quite have all the ritual tools I would like, but I set my space by lighting a eucalyptus candle (that covers both fire and air) relocating one of my plants to be near the space, filling a “chalice” with water, and lighting my salt lamp.  I also set some crystal jewelry to the side to charge. There, all the elements were represented.


The thing about magick is that your intent matters way more than your tools, you know.

So, the stage was set and it was time to try the spread. Here’s a breakdown of how I tweaked Biddy’s Full Moon Spread:



  1. What have I been manifesting into my life this month?
  2. Where am I now?
  3. What is coming into my awareness this upcoming cycle?
  4. What no longer serves me?
  5. How can I release and let go that which no longer serves me?
  6. What resources do I have to help me in this release?

I chose my Hanson Roberts Deck for this reading, because it is really good with readings about internal growth. And boy did it deliver.


As you can see, I pulled a couple clarifier cards, but I’ll get to that in a second.

This spread CALLED ME OUT.

Let’s discuss:

  1. What have I been manifesting into my life this month? Four of Pentacles Reversed

    • The thing about the Four of Pentacles is that it can be about saving money–or just control–when it is straight. The card features a man quite pleased with himself as he pulls all his coins underfoot. Maybe you’re pinching your pennies, or maybe you’re just trying to control the things around you. Reversed? This card can be indicative of greed, spending money too freely, or loss of control.I often read reversals as something blocking you from doing what the card would suggest if it were straight, which in this case it could mean that I’m not able to save money because I’m spending it too much. Or I’m not in control over my life because…. well, who knows, really? The point is, the deck is telling me that I’m manifesting a lack of control over finances or just my life in general.

      I feel called the fuck out, tbh.

  2. Where am I now? The Devil

    • Take a deep breath, kids. The deck isn’t telling me I’m in literal Hell. Though this took A TURN, didn’t it?The Devil is an ominous figure, but he gets a bad rap. If we harken back to the oldest traditional stories of the Devil that many of us know, the Devil was actually an angel that fell from grace when he became so full of pride. He was good that became bad, light that became dark. He developed the power to tempt the best of us into sin.

      The Devil in Tarot can be a warning of bad habits that can be problematic if left unchecked, or it can also be indicative of letting loose and exploring one’s wild side a bit (I mean, if you take a close look at the card, the lovers don’t seem too mad about being chained up together if you catch my drift).

      Here, in my reading, the cards are def telling me that I’m falling into some bad habits and I better check myself before I wreck myself.

      Message: Received.

  3. What is coming into my awareness this upcoming cycle? Ace of Cups Reversed.

    • Aces are awesome. When I see an Ace in a reading, I get SUPER excited. I really like Aces in the Rider-Waite deck because they literally show a hand icoming out of thin air to present you with opportunity. The imagery in the Hanson Roberts deck is lovely as well, but it doesn’t quite smack you in the face.Cups are cards of emotion. The Ace of Cups shows a cup that is overflowing with water. As a mega-super-duper water sign (cancer, pisces rising, cancer moon), I can attest to the emotional power that water holds. When you see the Ace of Cups, get ready for an emotional or spiritual breakthrough. You will be filling with love, passion, intuition, creativity, joy, etc etc etc. Wow!

      Reversed, the Ace of Cups is still quite a joyful card, though you have to consider that things are pouring out of you instead of pouring in. In this case, I may have an outpouring of love, passion, intuition, creativity…. none of these things sound bad, no?

      Sounds like the pump is primed for me to dive into some creative pursuits. I guess I chose the right time to start a tarot blog 😉

      Regardless, my cup runeth over, even if my cup is upside down.

  4. What no longer serves me? Two of Swords.

    • The Two of Swords is one of the most easily read symbolic cards in the Minor Arcana, I believe (maybe not as easy as the Three of Swords, which luckily I got both in this reading!). You have a woman who is blindfolded and holding two swords, one in each hand. She has no idea what the hell she’s doing, but clearly some shit is about to go down. Peep that ocean behind her: That looks pretty turbulent, doesn’t it? And the presence of water in a Swords card is significant. Swords are cards of might and mind, and water is a symbol of emotions. Clearly this chick has got some baggage and she is going to have to weigh both her heart and her mind. The moon is there, indicating that she’ll have to trust her intuition a little, too.So this chick doesn’t clearly see or understand the problem, nor does she know the solution.

      But she’s ready to fight, I guess. So there’s that.

      How does this relate to me? I’m an indecisive person. I’m also very emotional and very logical at the same time. If there ever was a card to describe me, it would be the Two of Swords.

      I chose to pull clarifying cards to try to understand what I was being indecisive about. I got The Fool Reversed and Three of Swords Reversed. Sigh.

      • The Fool also gets a bad rap, but I really like him. I think he’s fun. He’s all about spontaneity.  People want him to follow the straight and narrow, but he doesn’t and people think he’s foolish for it.Depending on the reading, he could foretell recklessness, or he could be all about letting loose.

        Reversed? My gut says that if The Fool is about whimsy and fun and fearlessness, then reversed he is about inhibition and fear of the unknown or fear of striking out on a new path/going against the current.

      • Three of Swords is the heartbreak card. I mean look at it: It is a heart being stabbed. Does it need to be any more blatant in its symbolism?When this card shows up in a reading, you have to consider the context. You don’t necessarily look at the card and think OH SHIT YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK UP! (though sometimes….) At times the card tells you to release past hurt and heartache, and helps you move on.

        In reverse, the three of swords can be about stabbing yourself in the heart–or, negative self-talk and bad self-esteem. Or it can just mean you’re dwelling on past hurt and letting things get to you.

      • So basically the clarifying cards were like: You’re struggling with fear of what’s next for you and negative self-talk.

        So, shit.

  5. How can I release and let go that which no longer serves me? Justice.

    • This part of the reading actually made me laugh. The cards just told me that I’m feeling inhibited and down on myself and told me that I can release that by BEING HONEST WITH MYSELF ABOUT IT. Lort.Okay, so Justice. Justice is about facing the music. Owning up to your shit. Ultimate truth. It’s also about making important decisions, and no pressure or anything, but those decisions are gonna be BIG.

      Justice is fair and true and ethical. Justice wants you to acknowledge what you have done, what you are doing, and atone.

      At this part of my reading, I was feeling pretty fucking called out. The cards were basically like: Own up to your bad habits, your shitty self-talk, your fears, and your doubts. Stand up and face them like a grown-up and let’s move on.

  6. What resources do I have to help me in this release? Strength.

    • What I like about the Strength card, is that it is a woman and a cat. I identify with that, you know?For real though, check this chick out: She is the ultimate together chick. She has an infinity symbol above her head. She has no worries, because she knows she can do anything. She also strokes the lion very tenderly, so she has compassion. And who knows how she got the lion to be her partner, and tamed him so easily–clearly she’s persuasive and has strength of words and mind as well.

      Strength is a badass bitch. We should all want to be like her.

      Luckily my cards are telling me I can be like her. I can face my fears, my negative self-talk, my doubts, my insecurities, my bad habits–whatever is holding me back. I can, because I’m a badass bitch, too. I’ve got this. Check me out, y’all. The cards may have called me on all my shit, but they threw some hardcore words of encouragement down at the end.

      Thank GOD(ESS), because homegirl needed them by now.

  • Summary: I have been indulging my bad habits too much lately, and I am at risk of falling victim to those habits if I do not own up to my behaviors and negativity. I am not served by the constant battles between my head, heart, and intuition. I probably ought to bring more intuition into play, or at least find creative release–as the universe is sending love, intuition, creativity, and passion my way soon. I have the strength to own up to and overcome my bad habits.

After a few moments of reflection and meditation, I wrote down some of my bad habits (I’ve been spending too much recently, I have been lazy at home, etc) and I burned the paper. It was cathartic, without a doubt.

I followed this with a quick intention spread–though I would rather set intentions with the New Moon, I wanted to release negative habits and bring in positive ones and wanted to focus on things for this waning moon period. I will cover the second spread I did in a later blog post. That was enough of a deep dive into my personal life for one evening. Phew.

Did you celebrate the full moon tonight? How so? Which Minor Arcana card do you think has the most overt symbolism?

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